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Every year we attend HostingCON. It's the premier industry event and all the new technologies are presented there. All of the good web hosting companied attend this conference. It's really the only ay to stay on top of the industry.

There are so many web hosting choices, and really, most of them do a good job. However, there are always web hosts trying to 'out-sell' their competitors. Here's some of my favorite (gray area) tactics:

  • Unlimited disk space
    No such thing. It's really considered 'unmetered' (no cut off limit). Web servers run hard drives. Those drives have a certain capacity. Your website is on that disk with a couple hundred other websites. If someone were to upload thousands of pages to the server then all the sites on that server would be affected. This would cause the web server to become very slow. Now, technically, there are load balancing tools to manage these type of systems, but it's an unnecessary complication to the simple task of web hosting.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    There is a limit to bandwidth - but for most data centers it's an amazingly high limit. The reason you want a host that limits bandwidth for all their websites is so that one crazy website does not hog all the resources and cause all the other websites to slow to a crawl. Limiting bandwidth is a basic tool of good data center management. If a website is being attacked or hacked it's a great tool to limit the available bandwidth before too much damage is done.
  • Overselling
    You need a domain name and an appropriate hosting plan. Possibly an SSL certificate for e-commerce transactions. Have you seen the purchase path for some of the 'Big Boy' hosting companies? You go from screen to screen with add-on offers. I've seen basic hosting cost $500+ a year with the premise that the basic web hosting or domain name was 'cheap'. Remember, a good web host includes most every option you will need.

Another great series cof conferences is put on by SES and SMX.This is where SEO professionals and major corporations go to keep updated on the latest (and ever changing) trends in Search Engine Optimization. Click here to see more information on recent Search Engine Conferences.

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